Evelyn Underhill, contemporary contemplative, says that the essence of worship lies in its impracticality,

its needlessness, even its wastefulness.  

We do not engage in it to gain any obvious "good" but to grant all glory and blessing to God.  

 (from an article by Ralph Wood)


Archbishop Tutu: "When people say religion and politics don't mix, I ask "What Bible are they reading?"


Teresa of Avila:  "Lord, deliver us from sour-faced saints"


Earth's crammed with heaven 

And every common bush affire with God;

But only those who see take off their shoes,

the rest sit around and pick blackberries

Elizabeth Barrett Browning  "Aurora Leigh"



Worship at St. Clement's

The main worship on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. is a contemporary eucharist or holy communion in the Anglican style. We sing a lively mixture of new and traditional favourite hymns that fit the theme of the bible texts for the day. Our sermons are based on the Bible text and applied to how we live today. We are relaxed, not formal. We work to have worship give voice to our reverent praise of God, and to our human struggles as we respond to a loving God.

On the First Sunday of the month, the 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning is a quiet service using the traditional Anglican Service of the Book of Common Prayer.

If you would like to meet with Lynne McNaughton, priest at St. Clements,

call her at 604-780-1420... to talk about your spiritual journey.

Read Melanie Delva's homily on National Aboriginal Day here

22 Days of Healing and Reconciliation at St. Clement's

Alecia Greenfield wrote a piece, with photographs, of the work she and the children did in remembering and honoring the stories and lives of First Nations children who attended residential schools. Click on the link below to read her story and see the photos:

You can also go to to the Wall of Commitment to find our story there.


Please look at our latest calendar to see our upcoming events. Lots happening! 

Summer Worship Outdoors!



There's a “Parent's Room” at the back of the church where you can see and hear the service.


Pentecost 5 - June 28, 2015

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